Monday, May 16, 2016

Neuroscience & Art

The brain is a fascinating organ that is endlessly studied. It is the control centre of our body that indicates human behavior. Great emphasis is placed on the consciousness of the brain. Greek philosopher Aristotle divided the brain into different sections. As we have been learning about constantly throughout this course, technological advancements have astronomical effects, whether it be the printing press, robotics, or neuroscience. Technological advancements have allowed doctors to further research and understand the human brain. 




The complexity of the brain has fascinated many artists over time. Many people describe the brain as a beautiful work of art, a masterpiece even. Santiago Ramon, the father of neuroscience, described neurons as "the mysterious butterflies of the soul. Many artists have used the brain in their works. Suzanne Anker and Giovanni Frazzetto created the Neuroculture Project, which examines how the human brain has penetrated popular culture. Anker and Frazzetto specifically study the interaction of art and neuroscience, and believe that the assimilation of neuroscience into everyday life impacts social values and commercial practices. 



The concept of memory is something that really fascinates me about the human brain. How you can so easily remember your favourite songs lyrics, but not what you read in a textbook the night before a final exam. It is fascinating how some people suffer from short term memory loss or long term memory loss, while others are blessed with photographic memory. The brain is so complex and difficult to fully understand. Scientists and artists are always working to gain a better understanding of the human brain. 



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